Allegra X-15R台式冷冻离心机

Allegra X-15R台式冷冻离心机可在最大相对离心力高达5250×g的条件下,一次性处理3升样品,实现前所未有的快速分离;该仪器具有优良的温度控制性能,从室温降温至4度只需4分钟,较同类仪器节省10分钟;且备有自我修正平衡技术(ARIES)的转头可供选择,平衡修正范围可达50克,用户只需“目视平衡”,大大减少准备时间;Allegra®X-15R台式冷冻离心机是细胞分离的理想选择。

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Allegra X-15R Benchtop Centrifuge Features

Economical versatility for blood, body fluids and cell/tissue culture processing

  • Perform filtration and concentration applications, fast and slow blood component spins and microbial cell harvesting
  • Save time, reduce potential for contamination and save on labware costs by centrifuging cells directly in cell culture flasks
  • Save operator time and training with user-friendly display prompts and easy value entry

Ideal for high-throughput labs

  • Spin up to 3L at 5,250 x  and process up to 148 tubes per cycle  
  • Powerful built-in refrigeration system cools faster and maintains temperature even at maximum speed
  • Reduce mid-run interruptions, save time and extend system performance with the ARIES™ Smart Balance Rotor system

Compatible Aerosolve Canisters for Enhanced Safety

  • A transparent design that enables you to check for broken labware
  • Protection from aerosol leakage and spills from rotor buckets
  • Biocontainment that has been third-party tested
  • Bucket covers for 1.5 mL tubes to 750 mL bottles
  • Microplate carrier covers for 96-well plate format

Cool it down

  • The X-15R features a built in refrigeration system. This allows for a quick cool down and temperatures to be maintained even at maximum speeds.

Allegra X-15R Benchtop Centrifuge Specifications

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