Flow Cytometry Software

Simply, efficiently and quickly analyze multicolor, multiparametric data from flow cytometers of today and tomorrow.

Solutions for Flow Cytometry Analysis


  • Network License Control Center (NLCC) available for multiusers
  • Auto-Layout design intelligently reconfigures workspace
  • Data merge enables measurement of rare populations and facilitates analysis of longitudinal and time course studies

Kaluza C

  • Listed with the FDA
  • Integration with Laboratory Information Systems (LIS)
  • Traceability through user management
  • Specialized QC Report generation functions

Tools For Use With Specific Beckman Coulter Flow Cytometers

Kaluza For Gallios

  • Change voltages and compensation quickly, accurately and intuitively
  • Create compensation matrices with ease using compensation wizard
  • Create gates and access editing tools with innovative radial menu that keeps
  • Understand what is happening to your experiment and cytometer with visual management tools
  • Use Gallios Simulator to train on the use of the instrument so you don’t have to run a live experiment every time you train

CytExpert for CytoFLEX

  • Experiment-based workspace design
  • Quickly learn and begin using the CytoFLEX system quickly
  • Consistent performance across platform Levey-Jennings tracking of QC results over time

AQUIOS Designer Software 2.0

  • Create user-defined protocols and panels for use on the AQUIOS CL
  • Work with bar-coded user-defined assays
  • Adapt automated sample preparation for user-defined assays