Lysis without Permeabilization

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AQUIOS Lysing Reagent Kit

AQUIOS Lysing Reagent Kit consists of two reagents (Reagent A and Reagent B) used by AQUIOS flow cytometers to prepare whole blood samples for analysis of white blood cells. Reagent A lyses red blood cells in whole blood samples sufficiently to perform monoclonal antibody panel analysis without interference from red blood cells. Reagent B slows the lysing reaction sufficiently to allow analysis without damage to white blood cells. The lysing reagents are placed onboard the system and are barcoded, which allows the system to detect their presence and position. High volume users can load multiple containers and the system will automatically move from one container to the next as needed.

IMMUNOPREP Reagent System

The IMMUNOPREP Reagent System is a rapid, no-wash, standardized, whole blood preparation procedure maximizing sample to sample, and laboratory to laboratory reproducibility. The IMMUNOPREP reagent lysing action reduces cell stress and minimizes cell shrinkage while maintaining cellular integrity and morphology. Separation of leukocyte cell populations of interest from red blood cell ghosts and debris is maximized. Scatter characteristics are optimized for superior cell type resolution.

IOTest 3 裂解液

IOTest3 裂解溶液是一種基於氯化銨的紅細胞裂解溶液,專為流式細胞測定而設計。該試劑由氯化銨、碳酸氫鉀和乙烯二胺四乙酸(EDTA)的 10X 濃縮混合物組成。IOTest3 裂解溶液可在免疫分型過程中用於全血或骨髓標本的紅細胞裂解。裂解後進行洗滌,有利於產生優質效果。

OptiLyse No-Wash Lysing Solutions

Both OptiLyse C and B are erythrolytic reagents intended for lysing human red blood cells following direct immunofluorescence staining of whole blood for flow cytometry. OptiLyse C is a ready-to-use lysing solution optimized for use on Beckman Coulter instruments. OptiLyse B is a ready-to-use lysing solution optimized for use on BD Biosciences* instruments.

VersaLyse Lysing Solution

VersaLyse Lysing Solution is a reagent used to lyse red blood cells from any biological fluid and, in particular, to lyse erythrocytes from whole blood. VersaLyse is a highly specific, very gentle lysing solution, suitable for applications such as immunophenotyping, cell sorting, activation or cell culture. It is designed for use in flow cytometry and facilitates obtaining highly discriminative scattergrams whatever the type of flow cytometer used. VersaLyse is a versatile reagent which may be used in lyse / wash, wash / lyse and lyse / no-wash procedures with undiluted or diluted samples.

Whole Blood Lysing Reagents

The 100-test lysing kit (part number 6602764) provides Immuno-Lyse, Fixative and Stabilizer for preparation of whole blood for analysis by fluorescence microscopy or flow cytrometry. The 300-test lysing kit (part number 6603152) provides Immuno-Lyse and Fixative for preparation of whole blood for analysis by flow cytometry only.

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