Fluorospheres & Quality Control

Daily calibration and standardization of flow cytometry systems are critical components of the daily QC process. Our product portfolio helps to ensure that the system is optimized and ready to produce accurate and precise results. 

Process controls are powerful tools for clinical and clinical research laboratories. They allow the user to run the control through the entire test process – from sample preparation to processing on the cytometer and finally through gating and data analysis. If the assayed results are recovered, the user has confidence that the entire system is functioning as expected.

The Cyto-Comp Cell Kit provides lyophilized human lymphocytes that are used to establish and monitor color compensation where multi-color flow cytometry assays are performed. Stem-Trol Control Cells are positive control cells for absolute CD34+ stem cell enumeration. 

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利用活性染料染色活細胞並且在免疫分型的固定和胞內染色後仍可以保存染色細節,排除死細胞數據,以便更干淨地分離、識別和評估細胞群。在此處查找靈活且易於使用的流式細胞測量試劑盒,包括 DAPI 活力染料。

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