Navios EX – 功能強大、可靠的流式細胞儀

在分析重要的臨床樣本時,強大而穩定的細胞儀性能至關重要。NAVIOS EX 10色流式細胞儀專為臨床實驗室設計,具有經過驗證的可靠性和穩定性,並具備樣品可追溯性和報告發佈功能。

新一代Navios EX流式細胞儀是採用屢屢獲獎的CytoFLEX*研究型流式細胞儀先進光學和雷射技術,為進階細胞學應用提供清晰、準確的細胞分群解析度,標準化高通量實驗室的工作流程,並且提供實驗室間一致性的結果。

為確保臨床實驗室能滿足當今嚴格的品質要求,Navios EX 提供兩個即用型 IVD 試劑系統供使用者選擇,即用於同時鑑定和計數 TB NK 淋巴細胞的 Navios Tetra系統ClearLLab 10C系統第一個獲得美國FDA核准及歐盟CE認證的白血病和淋巴瘤免疫表型分型系統。

  1. 實驗室資訊系統(LIS)雙向介面管理檢驗項目訂單,自動建立工作清單,大幅減少人工數據輸入,在整個測試過程中追蹤樣品,並減少發報告過程中的錯誤。
  2. 採用CytoFLEX*儀器的強大雷射和整合光學元件,可提供清晰、準確的細胞分群解析度。Navios EX 具有兩種不同的前向散射角度,可提供偵測微小顆粒和弱螢光表現細胞群分析的彈性。
  3. 使用原廠標準參考值自動執行標準化工作流程,以確保實驗室間長期結果的一致性。
  4. 多達 12 個參數可幫助在複雜的進階應用上提供進階鑑定細胞分群,具有 10 色螢光 IVD 功能,額外資訊請參閱user defined assays使用者自訂分析
  5. Windows 10作業系統相容



Navios EX 流式細胞儀功能

Instrument reliability

  • Mean time between failure (MTBF) of 200 days, less than 1 unplanned service call per year
  • Thermoregulation system maintains the optical area at a consistent temperature, assuring reliable data while limiting laser downtime and maintaining compensation settings

4-way Sample identification

  • Built-in bar code scanner allows for identification of Carousel number, tube location, and tube barcode verified to worklist

Data consistency

  • Constant sheath pressure for consistent acquisition rate
  • Individual sample vortexing

Reporting functions

  • Patient data reporting: Panel report (add patient database), Flowpage, LIS connectivity
  • QC Monitoring: create custom QC products and track; alignment bead and an assay specific bead product (FlowSet)


Beckman Coulter is revolutionizing the leukemia and lymphoma analysis in clinical flow cytometry laboratories with the innovative ClearLLab Solutions:

  • ClearLLab 10C system is an integrated FDA cleared and CE-marked IVD leukemia and lymphoma*(L&L) immunophenotyping solution for lymphoid and myeloid lineages using the dry DURA Innovations technology
  • ClearLLab Control Cells are the first application specific control cells for L&L immunophenotyping

*For Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma only

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Item Specifications Referenced B83535

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