Vi-CELL BLU 细胞活性分析仪

Vi-CELL BLU 速度更快的,可以自动化用于细胞活性分析的台盼蓝染色排除法。Vi-CELL BLU 现在可以选择使用 24 位样品旋转架或 96 插槽托盘进行样品输送,提高处理速度。

Vi-CELL BLU 其他经过增强的功能包括:

  • 完全自动地完成样品制备、分析和运行后清洁
  • 样品量小
  • 样品处理速度快
  • 实验室占地空间小
  • 样品引入灵活——旋转架或 96 插槽托盘
  • 试剂系统直观方便
  • 使用百分比、浓度和细胞计数报告细胞活性
  • 样品容量大
  • 数据完整性工具

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Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer Features

Increased Productivity

  • FAST mode
  • 24-position carousel
  • Supports 96 well plate sample introduction
  • Customizable analysis parameters

Flexibility and Ease of Use

  • Easy sample vial dispensing
  • Easy load reagent pak
  • Load on the go processing
  • Clean room kit option

Reagent Pack

  • RFID Tracking of reagent part number, lot number, activities, and expiration date
  • Easy load for automated sample prep
  • Reagent pack complete with Trypan Blue dye, buffer, disinfectant and cleaning solutions

Data Integrity and Compliance

Introducing the Vi-CELL BLU


Vi-CELL BLU Cell Viability Analyzer Specifications

Industry Standards 21 CFR Part 11
Sample Volume Range 0.2 - mL
Particle Size Analysis Range 2 - 60 μm
Sample Volume 200 µL
Concentration Range 50000 to 15000000 cells/mL
Item Specifications Referenced C19196

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