Kaluza C 流式細胞分析軟體

Kaluza C流式細胞儀分析軟體基於我們成功的 Kaluza 流式細胞儀分析軟體研究使用平台之上。


Kaluza C 流式細胞儀分析軟體簡化臨床實驗室對於品管報告流程的要求,並提供臨床實驗室對於流式細胞檢驗項目的標準化。同時,它提供了即時處理分析多達 2000 萬個事件數的多色螢光數據的強大功能。

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Kaluza 分析軟體特點


  • 特定於上下文的徑向菜單實現功能觸手可及
  • 四個控制面板訪問數據的所有方面
  • 數據顯示的實時調整




  • 監督所有帳戶的設置功能和審核活動
  • 為特定用戶創建詳細的使用情況報告和查詢記錄
  • 查看當前許可證密鑰,並使用 以激活新密鑰

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Offline Flow Cytometry Analysis Software: Importance of Scaling and Data Visualization This whitepaper discussed the flow cytometry open platform data structure and how it facilitates for robust offline analysis, the importance of data scaling and display features in ensuring your data looks consistent with the native environment, and illustrates specific examples comparing the native display to an offline data analysis software across a variety of platforms and manufacturers.
Kaluza C Analysis Software Brochure Kaluza C Analysis Software streamlines clinical QC reporting requirements and addresses flow cytometry standardization issues
Using Standardized Dry Antibody Panels for Flow Cytometry in the Assessment of Altered Immune Profiles in Response to SARS-CoV2 Infection In order to identify early indicators of disease severity in SARS-CoV2-infection, the proportions of well-established immune cell phenotypes have been subject to extensive research, utilizing flow cytometry as a core technology1-3. In order to ensure comparable and consistent results in the massively multi-institutional research setting of a global pandemic, the use of standardized antibody panels and procedures, as demonstrated by The ONE Study4-6, is a promising approach that also can lower technical barriers

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