Biomek 软件

软件是每台 Biomek 系统的心脏。Biomek 软件可让用户确保他们的样品在每次运行中均按照完全一致的方式进行处理,且在每次移液过程中,系统会自动存储样品数据。

  • 简单创建新的台面布局和耗材排布   
  • 输入/输出方法   
  • 各种应用方法间切换简便,如微孔板复制、DNA 纯化和质谱样品制备方法
  • 运行可变的实验需求而无须重新编程,如运行样本数量变化、运行步骤变化等   
  • 从下拉菜单快速选择移液参数模板、液体类型和台面布局   
  • 编辑新方法时系统自动搜索逻辑错误并进行提示   
  • 提供准确的运行时间计算、工作台面优化和方法编程优化等多种功能
  • 通过扫描或者手动输入基于板式条码系统的样品ID信息   
  • 在整个运行期间追踪样品 ID   
  • Biomek 账户和许可可保证系统符合 21 CFR Part 11 监管环境   

Choose a Biomek Model


Ease of Operation

  • Simple point-and-click interface
  • Step-by-step guidance for labware placement
  • Easily toggle between current running applications
  • Vary runs without programming
  • “Lock down” status for protection of validated methods

Data Management

  • Captures necessary data for process validation & reproducible results
  • Integrates with LIMS systems to import work orders & export data
  • Transfers data between methods for generated runs, labware & sample reports
  • Selectable actions during execution based on real-time sample data

Method Authoring

  • Quickly select pipetting techniques, liquid types & deck layouts from drop-down menus
  • Scan plates & import sample IDs based on plate barcodes
  • Track sample IDs throughout the run for maximum accuracy
  • Validate methods in real-time with a simple to use visual editor

Software Solution Add-ons

  • Method Launcher provides the ability to select, set up, run and track methods in real-time
  • SAMI EX creates planned schedules with the benefits of an optimized, predictable static schedule
  • SAMI Process Management organizes SAMI EX methods in an easy-to-use calendar tool
  • DART 2.0 (Data Acquisition and Reporting Tool) gathers data and synthesizes runtime information to capture each manipulation of a sample
  • PowerPack uses advanced tools to make programming data-intensive methods easy

Technical Documents