Cytobank 企業版

Enterprise Cytobank(Cytobank 企業版)是私有的 Cytobank 解決方案,適用於需要私有資源的公司,組織或協作單位。所有 Cytobank 版本均高度安全,但企業版的安全認證在 Cytobank 產品中級別最高。 Cytobank 企業版的訪問由企業賬戶管理員管理。

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Compatibility Loads any listmode file compliant with FCS standard up through version 3.1. DROP is able to import any numeric data in a text delimited (comma, semicolon, tab) format.
Operating System or Supported Browsers Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. A minimum 50 Mbps download speed and 10 Mbps upload speed for best performance.
Plot Types Contour Plots, Density Plots, Dot Plots, Histograms, Overlay Plots, Heatmap
Statistics Median, Mean, Coefficient of Variation (CV), Percent of Population, Standard Deviation (SD), Variance, Minimum, Maximum, Event Count, Event Count Ratio, Channel Ranges, Geometric Mean, Percent in Gate (Literal)
License Type Enterprise, Commerical
Number of Users 1
License Term 3 years

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Cytobank Workflow - Unbiased Discovery or Guided Analysis Using Prior Knowledge? Flyer: Which algorithm to use for each research question? How to get the most out of your data.
Cytobank Enterprise Administrator User Manual Explanation of the most important functionalities for Cytobank Enterprise Administrators
Cytobank Single Cell Big Picture Brochure Cytobank provides an established cloud-based platform that accelerates research productivity by enabling you to analyze and visualize multiple complex single-cell data sets efficiently and effectively.
Using Standardized Dry Antibody Panels for Flow Cytometry in the Assessment of Altered Immune Profiles in Response to SARS-CoV2 Infection In order to identify early indicators of disease severity in SARS-CoV2-infection, the proportions of well-established immune cell phenotypes have been subject to extensive research, utilizing flow cytometry as a core technology1-3. In order to ensure comparable and consistent results in the massively multi-institutional research setting of a global pandemic, the use of standardized antibody panels and procedures, as demonstrated by The ONE Study4-6, is a promising approach that also can lower technical barriers
An Automated FCS File Import and FlowSOM run in the Cytobank Platform Using the Application Programming Interface Learn step-by-step how to use an R script to automatically upload files to the Cytobank platform and perform an automated FlowSOM run, all via the API.

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