Sealing Foil for Automation

Non-woven, gas-permeable sealing foil. Pierced silicone layer for automated dosing and sampling. Includes venting holes allowing for sufficient and uniform aeration. Only suitable for 48-well microtiter plates. Sterile packaging.

A special pierceable cover is available for high-throughput experiments using the RoboLector platform. This cover consists of a non-woven, gas-permeable sealing foil laminated onto a silicone layer. The silicone layer is perforated with one hole per well for evaporation reduction and contains pre-cut slits for automated sterile sampling and dosing in liquid handling systems. After piercing, the pre-cut slits close again. The foil venting holes allow sufficient and uniform aeration. The silicone cover is only suitable for 48 well, non-microfluidic microtiter plates such as FlowerPlate and Round Well Plate.

Part number:
M2P-F-GPRS48-10 for gas-permeable sealing foil with perforated silicone layer for automation
M2P-F-RS48-10 for gas-permeable sealing foil with evaporation reduction and perforated silicone layer for automation, for use with the Foil Applicator

Compatibility with:
BioLector I, BioLector II and BioLector Pro microbioreactors

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