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LUCID* Custom Design Services (CDS) offers customer specific panels in a pre-mixed, unitized, ready-to-use format, reducing demonstrated sources of variability, thus streamlining your workflow while increasing your assay consistency.

LUCID Custom Design & Cocktailing ServiceWhether you need a different conjugate of one of our labeled human antibodies or a custom conjugation of one of your own-we can provide affordable options for all your experimental design requirements.

DRY Format

  • LUCID Custom Design Services Reagents in microplate formatDry (not lyophilized) custom reagents using the DURA Innovations technology
  • Available in tube or microplate format as reagent reservoir
  • Optimized, multi-conjugate combinations
  • Stable at room temperature (18°C — 30°C)
  • Warrantied for 24 months
  • Includes Universal Compensation Kit


  • Single-color conjugations
  • Optimized, multi-conjugate combinations
  • Bulk purified antibodies (you specify concentration and buffer)

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*For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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