Avanti J-HC大容量高效离心机

Avanti J-HC大容量离心机为生产用户提供完整的解决方案。可在5000rpm/7,480xg的条件下,一次完成高达9L样品的离心,一个小时内可以完成36L菌液的收集。配合Harvest Line生物安全袋使用,可使分离工序更为简单、安全。

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Sample Integrity

  • Labware which includes Harvest Liners to minimize contamination
  • Convenient sample recovery and long term sample storage

Batch Processing

  • Ideal for processing large volumes such as harvesting bacteria
  • Highest capacity in its class


  • Convenient data management system
  • cGMP support features delivers confidence

Time Savings

  • Achieve efficiencies when processing large volumes for greater sample throughput
  • Fastest acceleration and deceleration times with exclusive SR Drive technology

Product Specifications

加速选择 最大加速率或慢速调整
减速选择 Maximum, Slow, Timed (1-10 minutes from 500-0 rpm) or Off
速度控制 |25.00|x <i>g</i>-force control sets speed to nearest ± 50 rpm
运行时长 1 min to 99 hrs, 59 mins (timed run); Total centrifuge effect (g-seconds) or Continuous hold
最大容量体积范围 1.00|9.00|L
温度范围 10°C - 40°C in 1 degree increments
产品规格参考 367501

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