Navios EX流式细胞仪

The Navios EX flow cytometer offers a solution for advanced cytometry applications with workflows for high throughput laboratories. This is the next generation leveraging the laser and optics technology of our successful CytoFLEX research platform. Robust performance means peace of mind, because when analyzing important samples, every event matters.

  • Up to 12 parameters for high complexity assays*; sensitivity and resolution; and quality, reproducible results
  • With 10 colors*, collect additional data points from each sample, 
  • Reduce the number of samples to prepare along with the possible pipetting errors

Navios EX Flow Cytometer Features

Optical System

  • Up to three lasers, 488 nm blue laser, 638 nm red laser and 405 nm violet laser
  • Solid state independently focused diode lasers
  • Integrated flow cell minimizes light loss

Clinical Workflow

  • Task scheduler powers up or off
  • Bi-directionally interface with Laboratory Information Systems
  • Manage test orders, create work lists, and track samples

Flexible Detection

  • Wide angle scatter for distinguishing cells from debris
  • Narrow angle scatter for detecting larger particles
  • Scatter signal amplification for submicron particle detection

Stable Performance

  • Thermoregulation system maintains the optical area at a consistent temperature
  • Compensation settings maintained over time
  • Accurate digital signal processing at high event rates and over time

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Navios EX Flow Cytometer Specifications

Detection 光电二极管(前向/侧向散射), 光电倍增管(荧光)
分辨率 HPCV is <2%
实验性能 <107 MESF for FITC, <64 MESF for PE, <13 MESF for PC5
流动室 430 μm x 180 μm rectangular channel
信号处理 数字系统配置410数据显示性能
功率要求 100-240V, 50-60Hz
产品货号参考 B83535

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