Biomek 4000 實驗室自動化工作站

精巧設計的液體處理系統,適用於空間較小的實驗室和自動化新手。它有助於標準化日常移液工作,保持樣品品質並產生可再現、可靠的實驗結果。專注於基因組學、藥物發現、細胞生物學、蛋白質組學、法醫學和相關研究的實驗室可以使用 Biomek 4000 自動液體處理工作站運行實驗。

  • 適用於低通量工作流程
  • 12 個板位,包括 4 個檯面外板位
  • 1 - 1,000μL 移液範圍,具有液面感應功能
  • 多個可互換的單通道和八通道移液工具和機械握爪




Interested in an Upgrade? Explore Biomek Automated Workstations

Biomek Genomic Workstations

Biomek Genomic Workstations

Automate your genomic workflow and simplify intensive pipetting.

  • Extraction
  • qPCR/PCR setup
  • NGS library construction
  • Microarray target prep

Biomek i7 Automated Workstation

Biomek i7  Automated Liquid Handling Workstation

Deck capacity: 45 MTP positions.
Pipetting head options:

  • Multichannel-96
  • Multichannel-384
  • Dual Multichannel
  • Span-8
  • Hybrid (Multichannel & Span-8)

Biomek i5 Automated Workstation

Biomek i5  Automated Liquid Handling Workstation
  • Ideal for medium- to high-throughput workflows
  • 25 deck positions
  • 0.5 µL-1,000 µL (Multichannel) or 0.5 µL-5,000 µL (Span-8) pipetting volume ranges
  • Single Multichannel head (96/384) or Span-8 pipetting with gripper

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Automating a Linear Density Gradient for Purification of a Protein:Ligand Complex Author: Chad Schwartz, PhD, Application Scientist | Beckman Coulter, Inc., Indianapolis, IN USA | Published 2014
BeckmanConnect Installation and Activation Instructions A step-by-step guide to help you successfully install BeckmanConnect.
Automated Sample Preparation for the Monitoring of Ethanol Metabolites in Urine by LC-MS/MS In this application note, we describe an LC-MS/MS method for the analysis of EtG and EtS in urine employing a simple, automated sample preparation methodology using a liquid handling-based automation system.

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