AMPure XP - PCR 产物纯化试剂盒


您可以使用我们特有的 SPRI 顺磁微珠技术,在 NGS 工作流程中去除杂质(dNTP、盐、引物、引物二聚体)。

  • 用于各种 NGS 文库制备
  • 与手动和自动处理兼容
  • 产物高回收率,大于 100 bp
  • 可预测且稳定的片段筛选

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AMPure XP 试剂盒工作流程视图

AMPure XP Workflow


Application Uses Purification & Clean-up, PCR Purification, DNA Purification, Sequencing, NGS Clean-up, PCR clean-up
Format Liquid
Starting Sample Material DNA
Automated Available Yes
产品货号参考 A63882


Peffers, M. J., Liu, X., & Clegg, P. D. (2014, March 8). Transcriptomic profiling of cartilage ageing. Genomics Data, 2, 27-28. doi:10.1016/j.gdata.2014.03.001

  • Used to clean up cDNA

Greenwald, W. W., Li, H., Benaglio, P., Jakubosky, D., Matsui, H., Schmitt, A., . . . Frazer, K. A. (2019, March 5). Subtle changes in chromatin loop contact propensity are associated with differential gene regulation and expression. Nature Communications, 10(1054), 1-17. doi:

  • Used to clean up barcoded PCR reactions during Library preparation

Disclaimer: Beckman Coulter makes no warranties of any kind whatsoever express or implied, with respect to this protocol, including but not limited to warranties of fitness for a particular purpose or merchantability or that the protocol is non-infringing. All warranties are expressly disclaimed. Your use of the method is solely at your own risk, without recourse to Beckman Coulter. Not intended or validated for use in the diagnosis of disease or other conditions. This protocol is for demonstration only, and is not validated by Beckman Coulter.


当您的研究投入了更多资金时,AMPure XP 试剂盒是纯化步骤的关键选择。在这个重要步骤中,产量损失会导致您研究中某些重大细节的错失。

NGS 应用中不同部分的经济成本相对比较,包括核酸提取、产物纯化、文库构建和测序等。此费用是根据目前 2017 年市面上应用的试剂盒的平均价格进行计算的。产物纯化的效率是使用 Picogreen Assay 对纯化已知量DNA后的总DNA进行定量而计算的。不同产物纯化试剂纯化结果相对于 AMPure XP 试剂盒的产量百分比被用于计算对不同商品化建库方法的效率影响和变化。


AMPure XP - Keep Critical Data For Downstream Applications