Anatel TOC600 在线总有机碳分析仪


Anatel TOC 分析仪是纯水和超纯水行业 TOC 分析标准,拥有坚固耐用的设计、高度的可靠性、优越的性能、符合 USP 和 EP 法规以及降低用户的使用成本,Anatel TOC600 分析仪体现了新一代 TOC 分析仪的价值。

  • 即插即用型,易于安装、启动和操作。
  • 在线的 TOC 测量,可以完全、准确地对样品进行氧化。
  • 满足 USP<643>, <645>, 和 EP 2.2.44 对 TOC 分析的要求。
  • 测量准确,不受流速,压力,UV 灯寿命的影响。
  • 可靠性高,坚固耐用,全金属设计。
  • 无需试剂或化学品。

* 本产品仅用于工业及科研,不用于临床诊断。

ANATEL TOC600 Features


  • Easy installation, startup & operation
  • Complete & accurate sample oxidation
  • USP & EP 2.2.44 for TOC analysis
  • Measurement independent of flow rate, pressure & UV lamp aging
  • No reagents or chemicals required
  • Separate portable Standard introduction system for streamlined calibration, system suitability & validation testing

Value and Performance

  • Highly reliable, rugged all-metal design with proven stop-flow oxidation technology
  • Complete oxidation of an aliquot of water for compliance with USP Chapter and EP 2.2.4for pharmaceutical UPW applications
  • Multi-point calibration ensures an accurate calibration curve
  • Self-contained CSV module available to multiple users to maximize cost of ownership

Stable TOC Measurement

  • Each device capable of operating with remote control inputs
  • Up to 8 analyzers can be networked to one C80 controller for an affordable analysis system solution
  • C80 controller operates CSV Module & auto-calculates results for display, print & archive

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