Avanti J-15R

Strengths of both Avanti floor model and Allegra benchtop centrifuges come together in the powerful Avanti J-15R high performance refrigerated benchtop centrifuge.

  • Reach up to 10,200 rpm and a max g force of 11,420 RCF 
  • Ultra Harmonic Technology effectively minimizes sample disturbance with intelligent acceleration/deceleration profiles resulting in more sample yield
  • New software interface provides one-touch access to your last 6 programs (but stores up to 99)



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Incorporated Ultra Harmonic Technology

  • Ultra-smooth acceleration/deceleration profiles
  • Protects samples from disturbance
  • Results in larger soft pellets and higher sample yield

Repeatable results for a variety of applications

  • Cell culturing
  • “Spinfection” to improve transduction 
  • Nucleic acid purification
  • Protein concentration
  • Blood component separation
  • Assay setup

Multi-dimensional imbalance tolerance (MIT)

  • MIT can help identify imbalances more quickly and accurately, thereby reducing the chance of a “false positive” imbalance alert, so researchers can “set it and forget it” with confidence


  • Easy one-touch access to 6 programs; stores up to 99 programs
  • High-contrast “app-like” software design

Product Specifications

加速选择 10 个加速协议,包括最大转矩
减速选择 11个减速协议,包括最大转矩,连续无间断
速度控制 ±|10.00|200 - 10,200 rpm范围内以
运行时长 1分钟-99小时59分钟,或连续离心
最大容量体积范围 0.00|3.00|L
速度显示 实际转子速度以10 rpm 为增量,或以RCF每10xg增量显示
温度控制 ± 2 |°C of chamber temperature after equilibration
温度范围 -10°C 至 +40°C(以1° 为增量)
产品规格参考 B99516


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